Are you in a relationship but it isn't the fun filled, skipping through the buttercups, hand holding and lovingly gazing into each other's eyes gooeyness you expected?


You're happy enough in your relationship but there's the odd irritating bump or two that just keeps popping up over and over again wearing away at the fabric of your relationship like a rock in your shoe?

If you answered yes to either of these, then, seriously, you must read on!

Relationships can be hard work can't they?

No one told you that you could be in a relationship and feel like you are adrift in a dark stormy sea all alone.

You definitely didn't expect the roller coaster of heart bursting highs and the lows that are deep, dark and filled with anger, hurt and resentment.

Nor that eventually there could be more lows than highs and that those lows would span for days or even weeks leaving you feeling empty and lost.

"Anna is a positive influence in my life.

When I began seeing her I was stressed, anxious, unable to make decisions in my life and having more than a few relationship issues.

Her breadth of knowledge is inspiring. She provides an impartial but caring space where I have been able to learn strategies to calm myself and obtain a greater perspective on life."

VM Merewether NSW

You've been to see counsellors, coaches and healers before but things haven't really changed.

You feel better for a little while but then things seem to go back to the way they were, right?


I know how frustrating it can be, like you think you've finally found a way out of the maze only to find that it has led you right back to the beginning again.

I was there, I lived there for quite a while so that's why my approach is completely different:

  • I don't bring up your past and relive it over and over and over again.
  • We work on the things you need to work on as opposed to what I think you should be working on or following a set plan.
  • I hold a special space just for you that is free of judgment, where you can say, feel and be who, and what you want.
  • You walk away feeling great at the end of each and every session.
  • You get to bloom into an amazingly powerful and confident woman.

"When I met Anna I was ready to grow and gain greater awareness in all areas of my life including my relationships.

I felt comfortable with seeing Anna as I had seen counsellors in the past but had heard that her approach was different and was happy to go with my friends recommendation.

The time I have spent with Anna has helped me to develop my self awareness and has equipped me with the tools I need to be able handle the trials of life more confidently."

T.W. Newcastle NSW

Want to break the ugly cycle?

I help women just like you who feel like they are stuck in a dingy, dark cinema watching the B grade version of their life roll by.

You get an escape route out into the sunshine of life so you can have a relationship that snaps, crackles and pops with love and laughter.

  • Kick your bad habits to the curb with a flick of your red-hot heels.
  • Confidently grab life by the baubles and put your own unique shine on it.
  • Blossom into the wholehearted woman you've always wanted to be.

Working with me

If you're ready to create the life of your dreams find out about working with me here

"There was something wrong with my life but I didn't know what.

All I knew was that I was completely confused about where I was going, then a friend suggested I see Anna.

Since working with her I have learnt so many tools and strategies for dealing with life differently.

Thanks to Anna my whole life has changed, with each day being more successful than the last.

All I can say is that everyone needs a bit of Anna in their life!"

TT Valentine NSW

Relationship Reboot

Are you sick and tired of coming up against the same old arguments in your relationship?

Are you ready to step it up to a whole new level of intimacy and connection like you've never experienced before?

Want to ride the relationship rollercoaster with ease so you can start enjoying each other again?

Then gorgeous this course is for you!

In it you'll learn:

  • Simple tools and techniques so you can feel heard, accepted and loved.
  • How to transform hurt and anger into a deeper, closer connection with your partner.
  • How to let go of frustration and make way for fun and intimacy.

Course starts 23rd January 2017. Enrol now.

Count me in!

Thanks to Anna I have completely changed my life around.

At the time I began seeing Anna I was going through a very confusing break up, I also had low self esteem and anger issues.

Through our work together I have been able to rebuild my confidence and start a new relationship, which is filled with more love and support that I could ever have imagined. I have also not only got my anger under control but in fact have released a lot of the underlying issues so I’m not really angry at all.

Anna you are amazing! Thank you so much for everything, you have helped me get to where I am today.

S.T. Edgeworth

So I guess you'd like to get to know me a little better, right?

There had to be something more....

From an early age I always felt that there was something missing from my life.

At 18, I was diagnosed with depression and began to see a psychologist, which was just the beginning of a long line of doctors, psychologists and counsellors.

None of these people gave me the answers I was seeking. They just seem to bring up my past hurts and then leave them there for me to deal with all over again!

At 28, my life fell apart. I had hit a massive brick wall and felt like I was backed into a corner with no possible way out.

My business was in major trouble, my marriage was in even bigger trouble and my self-esteem was verging on zero.

It was then that I met my awareness coach, who had what I was searching for:

That elusive 'more'.

I was introduced to the amazing world of awareness, taught the tools I needed to finally let go of the past and for the first time in a really long time I was able look forward to a happier, healthier and much brighter future.


What a ride!

It's been 10 years now and boy has it been interesting.

My life is amazingly different.

I have a loving and supportive fiancé, a gorgeous little girl, a 17 year old fuzzie (cats) aka ‘adventure kity' and we live as one crazy family in sunny Tweed Heads, Australia.

To be honest I have one hell of an awesome life filled with more love, laughter and light than I could have ever imagined.

And now I want to share it with you.

I began working with Anna due to the high levels of stress I was experiencing in both my personal life as well as at work.

Our work together has allowed me to gain a greater awareness of myself and equipped me with tools that help me cope more effectively with difficult situations as well as maintaining emotional equilibrium. It also helped me to begin to rebuild my confidence and self belief to the point that I have started my own business with plans to leave work in the new year.

Anna gently meets people where they are at with no judgment and provides valuable insights in how to better relate to other people. I would highly recommend working with her.

A Happy Client, Newcastle

My official bio because you really should know it too

Anna Mason is a coach with qualifications in counselling, health science, and beauty therapy, crystal energy healing and angel intuition. She has 10 years of education, training and experience behind her.

Anna works with women to instil confidence and a sense of self-belief. Through sharing the tools and techniques of awareness her clients are able to create a clear road map for themselves and discover that there is really so much more to life.

And just because:

  • I'm a sparkly pen fanatic.
  • I own 21 decks of angel and oracle cards. I do have a few favorites but don't tell them!
  • I loooooove to dance!

I began seeing Anna because I was the person that everyone walked over, the fence sitter, the peace maker who let things just float away and I needed help with being heard as well as being able to tackle life and work at a new level.

Working with Anna I have learnt useful tools for success in both work and life. Learning how to communicate with different personalities and manage difficult situations has given me more confidence to say what I think.

Anna is amazing, she always has time for me and explains everything so clearly. She is a ball of knowledge and it has been a pleasure working with her. I would recommend her to anyone.

CM Newcaslte

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