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Your Man Is Your Mirror, What's He Reflecting Back?

18 January 2018

There's a saying "your outside world is a reflection of your inside world" and basically it means that the thoughts, feeling and beliefs you hold within yourself are reflected back to you by the world around you.

Are You Getting In The Way Of Your Own Happiness?

22 November 2017

It's all to easy to blame our partners for our unhappiness when it comes to our relationship however the inconvenient truth is it takes 2 to tango and at some point if we really want a happy, fulfilling relationship we need to take ownership of the role we are playing.

How To Win In Your Relationshp Without Having To Give Everything Up

8 November 2017

As a strong and independent women you don't want to loose yourself in or have to give everything up for relationship, I get it.
At the same time for your relationship to be successful, fulfilling for both partners and thrive you need to be able to find a middle ground that works for you.
Find out how you can stand in your power while being a winner by creating win win situations in your relationship.

Are expectations ruining your relationship?

1 November 2017

Expectations are the land mines of relationships. They aren't really noticeable but when you step on one things can get pretty ugly!
They are the rarely voiced, often miss guided beliefs that can cause pain, resentment and relationships to crumble.
This weeks vlog delves into why expectations are so dangerous for your relationship and what you can do to shift them to being a more productive and practical belief that will support your relationship.

Either or Itis

26 October 2017

What is Either Or Itis and could it be sabotaging your relationship? In this weeks blog I talk about this sneaky little problem, what it looks like, how it showed up in my life and what you can do to kick it to the kerb.

6 Ways to Fnd Out Your Partner's Love Language

30 May 2017

The love languages are an amazing tool to help you strengthen you relationship, deepen your connection and for both of you to feel completely love and supported in your relationship BUT what do you do when you're partner won't take the test?

An Attitude Of Gratitude

12 May 2017

Gratitude is such a powerful emotion it can seriously shift the direction of your relationship. In this blog I talk about ways you can use gratitude to transform your relationship into something that is powerful, beautiful, fulfilling and strong.

Understanding The 5 Love Languages

4 May 2017

The 5 Love Languages is a really useful tool to help take your relationship to new levels of understanding and support. Once you understand your own as well as your partners love language the opportunity for deeper connection and playfulness is only limited by your imagination.

Why The Cat Pee'd On My Underwear

27 April 2017

The other week Sultan my cat pee'd on my cloths right in front of me! He was pretty pissed and so he thought he'd let me know in no uncertain terms! The truth is though when it comes our relationships we all have a revenge style and if it goes unchecked can affect our relationship in not so positive ways.

15 Fun ways to do date night at home!

20 April 2017

All to often when I'm talking with clients about setting regular date nights they say they can't afford it, they don't have time or they can't get care for the kids. Today I share with you a bunch of fun and pretty much free ways to do date night at home!

The loss of my long time love and the 3 lessons he taught me

13 April 2017

Sultan, my 19 year old cat has been through so much with me and last week I had to say good bye to him....totes devastated. However the beautiful little soul taught me 3 things that can be applied to any relationship and I wanted to share them with you.

Are Rom Coms setting you up for relationship doom?

29 March 2017

Everyone is familiar with Rom Coms and how they all have a similar storyline which ends with a "Happy Ending" but we all know that if we continued to watch it wouldn't be that happily ever after because life happens!
In this blog I cover a few of the ways rom coms can be causing you relationship disharmony and disappointment with your partner.

4 Ways to stay connected over the crazy Christmas period.

19 December 2016

Christmas is such a busy time of year, your relationship often gets pushed to one side, even more than usual and you can end up feeling really disconnected; so here a 4 tips to stay connected and keep the love flowing.