Real relationships
aren't like in the movies,
are they?

And I don't know about you but I'm yet to meet a couple who has the perfect relationship...

Even if things are going well you can still find yourself getting:

  • Frustrated because your partner switches off, staring at you blankly when you try to talk to them.
  • Annoyed because they don't help out around the house or even notice that things need to be done.
  • Hurt because sometimes they don't seem to care about what you want, need or even like.

And romance, well...?!

It's enough to make you want to pull your hair out, throw a tannie and run off to a tropical island to drink cocktails by the pool.


  • What if you could rekindle that butterflies in your stomach, giggly, girly feeling of romance again?
  • What if you could snuggle up of the couch together and just connect?
  • What if you could bring fun, laughter and cheeky a bit of flirting back to your relationship?
  • What if you're relationship could become a supportive, connected and loving space for you both?

I'm serious.

Just take a minute and imagine sitting down with your partner and having a REAL conversation again where you both feel heard, loved and supported!

Or being able to discuss the things that are bothering you rather than getting angry and frustrated, and eventually fighting over them?

And how nice would it be to fall more deeply in love with your partner and your life?

It's enough to make you go all warm and squishy.

You can have it!

Relationship Reboot is a 5 week program that will take your relationship and start to transform it into a power house of companionship and love

It's been created to help you break down those old patterns that are holding you back from experiencing a loving relationship that is supportive and happy. It gives you the tools you need to be able to get what you want while still honoring each others needs.

Module 1

We explore your beliefs around your relationship and then learn how to:

  • Go to your happy place without avoiding issues but before boiling over with anger.
  • Stop relying on your partner to make you happy.
  • Get clear on what you really want from your relationship.

Module 2

We expand on module 1, taking a closer look at any relationship beliefs that aren't serving you so you can:

  • Recognise what is causing you to feel hurt and annoyed.
  • Deepen your connection by understanding each other better.
  • Release hurt and disappointment so you can open your heart to greater love and joy.

Module 3

We playfully explore:

  • Each others love language so you can deepen your level of intimacy and love.
  • Fun ways to fill up your tank so it over flows with love.
  • Ways to use the love languages to increase intimacy and connection.

Module 4

We take a close but light hearted look at:

  • How to handle the ups and downs so you feel secure no matter what's happening.
  • How the 3 R's could be ruining your relationship and what you can do to stop them in their track.
  • Some practical tools to stop you repeating the same old habits that lead to arguments and instead move you to a place where you can easily resolve any differences.

Module 5

Here we put it all together and add a little something to the mix so you can:

  • See your partner with fresh eyes allowing you to open your heart to them even more.
  • Find new ways to support each other so understanding and acceptance can blossom in your relationship.
  • Design your own love adventure that will take your relationship to a whole new level of love, respect and intimacy.

Are you ready to recharge your relationship?

Why Relationship Reboot?

Relationship Reboot was created for women just like you.

It was born from the desire to help others have happier, healthier and more fulfilling relationships in a fun and inspiring way.

You see my last marriage was a fizzer, somewhere along the line we got lost and moved to a very unhappy place filled with hurt, resentment and anger so when I entered into my new relationship I was determined to do things differently.

As I read, researched and sought help I discovered that I wasn't equipped with ANY of the skills necessary to have a great relationship.

The tools and techniques that are part of this program have been tried and tested not just by me but by many of my clients, and those tools if used and put into practice are the ones that can make a huge difference in your relationship.

Ready for a super strong relationship?

This isn't about never disagreeing!

Of course two people are going to have different ideas and views. It's about handling things differently before they get out of control. Now you might be saying to yourself... "but my relationship is OK! We get along alright, we fight occasionally but who doesn't and, well, life happens."

I'm hearing you but consider this...

You love them so much you could almost pop, so why would you just leave it up to chance?

What you have is too precious to loose.

Thanks to Anna I have completely changed my life around.

At the time I began seeing Anna I was going through a very confusing break up, I also had low self esteem and anger issues.

Through our work together I have been able to rebuild my confidence and start a new relationship, which with Anna's guidance has blossomed so that it is filled with more love and support than I could ever have imagined.

Also, not only have I now got my anger under control but in fact have released a lot of the underlying issues so I’m not really angry at all any more.

Anna you are amazing! Thank you so much for everything, you have helped me get to where I am today.

S.T. Edgeworth

The Relationship Reboot course includes:

  • Weekly 1 hour long live calls plus Q&A time
  • Worksheets that are clear and practical.
  • Membership to our Facebook community.
  • Regular Facebook Q&A forums with me.

As an added bonus when you sign up you'll receive a beautiful, printable journal to help keep track of your progress.

Plus once you're a Relationship Rebooter, you're in for life! This means that you can access the program anytime you need a refresher.

The next round of Relationship Reboot commences: To be Advised.

Relationship Reboot is normally $TBA but if you invest prior to 11.59pm February 16th you can get it for the early bird price of just $TBA.


I've seen the tools and techniques in this program help to change relationships over and over again, so I know they work.

That's why I'm happy to offer a 50 day money back guarantee. If after 7 weeks you don't feel it's working for you, all you have to do is contact our support team and show you're completed worksheets and journal and I'll be more than happy to issue you with a FULL refund.

All information provided is kept completely confidential.

When I first met Anna I was frustrated at family members, friends, colleagues, loved ones but most of all myself. I was torn between two men in my life and was a victim in a multitude of ways.

Over time Anna has worked with me to change my thought processes profoundly. No longer am I a victim, rather a strong, confident and self assured woman. I no longer exist surrounded by toxic relationships.

No more tears of guilt, sadness, pity, confusion (the list goes on...) - only tears of gratitude.

In fact, after working with Anna and in a matter of around 12 months, I now find myself living close to what I could only have ever called "my dream life" - recently married to a loving, caring, supportive and encouraging partner with a baby due any day now.

All I can say is that everyone needs a bit of Anna in their life!

V.L. Maitland

Get to know me

Hi, I'm Anna!

I’m a coach who works with women who are ready to take their relationships from good to amazing.

Having been a counsellor for a while I saw how serious and boring couples counselling was, to be honest thinking about it made me scrunch up my nose and go "ewwww."

However it was also the number one reason why most of my clients started seeing me! So rather than ignore it I’ve set about changing it!

Relationships are meant to be fun right?

So instead of sticking to the same old, I’m on a mission to help couples have fun while working on their relationships.

Relationships don’t have to be in trouble to worked on and improved. Seriously for something so important why do we wait for huge, gaping holes to appear when the cracks have been there for ages?

I’m all about playfulness, flirting and having a good laugh while at the same time sharing tools that will take your relationship to the next level of awesome.

Ready for a happier and more playful realationship?

Got Questions? Let me help

Who is this course for?

This course is for you no matter where your relationship is at:

  • Whether it's really rocky and you're not sure if it's going to stay afloat.
  • It's good already but you know that every good thing needs a little work to become great.
  • You've already tried relationship counseling but it just didn't work.
  • One of you isn't willing to go to marriage counseling.

Who is this course not for?

If you are experiencing domestic violence whether physical, psychological or emotional then this course is not for you. Instead I strongly recommend you contact one of the following organisations to assist you:

1800Respect: 1800 737 732
Relationships Australia: 1300 364 277
For Emergencies call 000
(Please note these are for Australia Only)

If you are currently seeing a psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health professional I would encourage you to continue your work with them as they know you best and are able to provide you with information that is appropriate for your specific situation and needs.

How does an online course work?

Each week you will be emailed the access details for that week's live call.

At the beginning of the course you will also receive an email detailing how to access the Facebook group and password for downloading the worksheets.

What if I can't attend the live calls?

That's OK. Within 48 hours the calls will be available on the website for you to view.

What results can I expect?

The tools, information and techniques included in this program have helped myself and many of my clients create amazing, healthy relationships.

If you take the time to work through each module, do the accompanying work sheet and practice what you learn then there is no limit on where you can take your relationship.

Everyone's results will differ but you may find that:

  • Your relationship becomes more loving and open.
  • The communication between you and your partner improves.
  • You and your partner begin to work together more effectively.
  • You are happier and don't get as angry or frustrated.
  • You will feel more confident and secure within yourself.
  • Feel more balanced.
  • If you're undecided whether to stay or go, you will have a clearer picture by the end.

How quickly will I see changes?

If you are serious about this course and put it into practice you'll start to see changes within a few short weeks.

Can my partner do it with me?

Of course! If both of you are willing to do the work together then all the better! Working through the course together will see your relationship become happier and healthier so much faster.

I'm not really comfortable talking about my relationship issues with others.

If you'd prefer not to join the Facebook group that's absolutely ok, however you will find that you will gain so much more by participating.

Get ideas from seeing how others handle their situations, learn more by having access to tips and suggestions, and have your questions answered during question time.

What if I need more help?

If you need technique help with something then contact us via the Facebook group.

If you feel you need more help with your relationship or shifting your life to a new level of awesome then you can book an appointment with me here.

You've got questions. I've got answers!

If you have any further questions about the program than you can get in touch with me here.