Are You Disempowering Your Partner with Love?

14 December 2017

Just as love can control without meaning too love can also disempower, and the thing is it disempowers when we're actually trying to protect and care for our partner.

Taking away a persons right to choice and taking responsibility for them results in the being disempowered.

The 3 main reasons why we are often don't want to share our worries and concerns with our partner are:

  1. Negative past conditioning.
  2. Don't want our partner to worry, we are trying to protect them.
  3. Don't want them to "fix" it.

To have conversations that will empower both of you:

  1. Preframe - Tell them how you would like them to respond.
  2. Sandwich - Positive Preframe - Not so awesome bit - Positive Ending
  3. Give them some actions to take so that if they do feel the need to do something they have something that is useful, constructive and complimentary to what you are doing.

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